29 August 2021

At Least It Wasn't a Hate Crime

Mr Griffey is quite right. I follow the news very carefully and I'd seen absolutely nothing about this horrific story.

From Daffey Thoughts

By David Griffey

If you've missed this story, it's probably because you get your news from national press outlets. The story of a white father shot and killed by a black assailant who, according to witnesses, went on to dance over the father's body is local news fare at best. Why? Because it's a white father who died heroically blocking his child from the black gunman.

Had it been the opposite, a white gunman and a black father complete with gloating over the victim, you bet your damn bank account that this would be a national press narrative, even with Afghanistan blowing itself halfway to hell and the floods and fires we continue seeing on the national news cycle.

But it wasn't. One of the greatest evils the modern press has visited upon mankind has been to sanctify the idea that we should only care about human suffering if we can exploit that human suffering for our pet agendas. It's not new. This has been happening for years. Likely generations. All the news that's fit to print is just a way of saying all the news we choose to report on, versus the stories that we choose not to cover. I think nobody ever stopped to ask what the standards were for making such decisions.

Today, it's not hard to figure the standards. Can a killing be exploited to drive home the 1619 Project Narrative? Or perhaps the persecution of the LGBTQ movement? Or gender inequality? Guns, of course, are always a safe bet. But we can't let gun stories that bring questions about the above narratives get out of hand. So even if this might buttress the gun control narrative, a black man dancing over the dead white father he just shot could get the sheeple to ask questions about white privilege and white only racism.

So don't expect any household names out of this. I Googled the story and found only a couple national level outlets even mention the story. Most stories were either conservative outlets or local news outlets. It's the point where I can almost guess which stories will be ignored by the press based on the demographic identity of the parties involved. The worst part? I'm almost always right. And that is a scandal.

May God have mercy on the soul of the killer, and cover the victim's family with peace and strength. May the victim's son grow up to remember his dad as the hero he was, not as a body danced upon by a man seen as the real victim of his father's privilege. And may God have mercy on the twisted and wicked field of journalism that so doesn't care about anything or anyone, and increasingly gloats over the fact that we know this but can do nothing about it.

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