27 August 2021

A Message From The Editor

Mundabor is begging for contributions! Contributions of Our Fathers, Hail Marys, Rosaries, and Masses. You choose which to donate.

From Mundabor's Blog

Dear Readers,

This little effort has been operating for now more than eleven years.

During this time, we hope that our effort has given some consolation, some hope and some instruction to all our readers.

Our effort has always been free of charge. We have, in fact, paid out of our own pocket for every expense.

We don’t have powerful backers allowing us to operate. The Opus Dei does not finance us, because we love the Society of St Pius the Tenth. No NGO would dare to even think of giving us money because we all hate Francis. Bill Gates refutes to acknowledge our existence.

Before I go on with the important message I need to share with you today, I would like to once again introduce to you our editorial, all-White, all-Male, Arch-Patriarchy team.


He is the founder and driving force behind this blog. He has a PhD in Fake Catholicism. He loves chocolate, tiramisu’, and the Oxford Comma. He is a great fan of Padre Pio. He hates Jesuits.

Angry Mundabor

He covers Francis and, at times, other Bishops and Cardinals. He has a degree in Heretics Bashing. His friends say that he is not an easy guy. He loves the Blessed Virgin. He hates Jesuits.

Cat-owning Mundabor

He collaborates with this blog whenever we need someone talking about his cat. He has been, at times, accused of being a closeted dog lover, which he has always refused to deny or confirm whilst deeply resenting the word “closeted”. He has no PhD. He loves cats. He hates Jesuits.

Relaxed Mundabor

This is the guy who writes those “we have already won” posts. We ask him to intervene in bleak times, or whenever there is a need for some wider perspective. He does not like milk in the tea. He teaches Catholicism at the Providence School for Intelligent Cats, where Cat-owning Mundabor’s cat also attends. He thinks all his pupils are more Catholic than the Pope. He hates Jesuits.

Dear readers, after this short presentation of the team, we thought that we had to discuss with you an important issue. We would prefer to never touch this issue with you; alas, it has to be.

This blog can simply not afford to go on this way.

Your contribution is required in order for this blog to be able to continue. Your help alone will allow this blog to continue operations.

We are already short of our objective for this month, and we need your collaboration to achieve it. The age of the free blog is rapidly coming to an end. Will you help us?

We humbly, but urgently ask you to give a real contribution to this blog.

We accept your contribution in the following ways:

Hail Marys

Our Fathers


, and yes, you get to choose…

Dear readers, we know that this is a lot to ask and we truly appreciate your effort. We hope that you will, in your charity, keep this initiative alive. But time is running short. Please consider donating at fixed times (like every Monday, or every First Friday), so that our effort can regularly benefit from your generosity.

Thanking you all in advance

The Editorial Team

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