Monday, 8 March 2021

This Was the Ciborium, Then They Threw It in the Trash.

Is it any wonder that 2/3 of American Catholics don't believe in the Dogma of the Real Presence when their 'Pastors' do this sort of thing?

From Les Femmes

By Susan Matthiesen

This paper plate bowl was used as a Ciborium. Hosts were consecrated in it and Holy Communion distributed from it, then after Mass it was thrown in the garbage. Horrified, I fished it out of the trash and the next day took it to my pastor to burn, along with the bag and tissue paper I had put it in. THIS is what leftist liberal modernist priests do - those who no longer believe in the Real Presence, if they ever did at all, that is. THIS sacrilege and utterly disgusting actions of an out-of-state priest have sent me flying into the arms of the SSPX in order to escape the horror of having to see Christ treated in such a degrading and shameful manner. The Mass was not celebrated in a diocesan church, or any church at all, nevertheless, my pastor, to whom I supplied all the pertinent information, has said that he will report it to the bishop. So we shall see. I did speak to the errant priest about this, although I did not tell him I had taken the "Ciborium" out of the trash.

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