Saturday, 6 March 2021

Some Hate Crimes Are More Equal Than Others.

You can't charge a Black man with a 'hate crime'. That would be RACIST!

From Dyspeptic Mutterings

By Dale Price

[The alleged perpetrator] told detectives he stabbed the victim "because he didn't like the way he looked at him" and also said to an officer, "I stabbed that guy. If he dies, he dies. I don't give a f--k."

The victim, who was stabbed in the back, remains in the hospital in critical condition after losing one of his kidneys and his adrenal gland, and suffering damage to his liver.

Hate crime charges were not initially expected, but then the NYPD revealed that one of [Salman] Muflihi's previous arrests was for allegedly punching another Asian man.

That led police to believe the the attack may have been racially motivated, but the Manhattan District Attorney's Office declined to prosecute the stabbing as a hate crime.

You can read the whole sorry thing here. The prosecutor's excuse is that the "suspect" "may not have seen" his victim--despite the whole "didn't like the way he looked at him" part.

Looks like "reasonable cause" to me, but I confess to not being versed in criminal procedure.

The fact that the current government of the City marinates in a worldview that looks askance at Asians as bearers of "white privilege" is nothing for the community to worry about. Just ordinary ol' prosecutorial discretion at work.

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