29 December 2023

A Comment on Fiducia Supplicans

By Thomas Rôteau, via Facebook

Regarding the contradictory nature of Fiducia supplicans: the blessing is purposefully specified for COUPLES in “irregular unions” … but then it simultaneously reiterates the always-held practice that INDIVIDUAL sinners are able to seek a blessing to obtain graces to enable personal reform. One must therefore question the necessity and/or the true intent of this document’s promulgation. It is disingenuous to state the historically obvious, but then coyly pretend that the very designation of the blessing --- to be specifically bestowed upon “couples” --- is not an attempt to NORMALIZE “irregular” couples within the Church.
If couples who have been “living together,” and intend to go “home” AGAIN afterwards together, (“acting out” their disordered same-sex attraction) flagrantly receive this blessing, where is the sinner’s heart allegedly seeking REFORM? Rather than the humble supplication of an individual coming to a priest in private, this document facilitates an ostentatious display of coupling “PRIDE,” not unlike the public parades inflicted upon the general culture during the annual month of agitation. Seriously, how can a rational person NOT perceive this COUPLE blessing as an ape of the ceremony to sanctify a civil marriage between a man and a woman that took place outside the Church?
The addition of a poison to a particular food does not negate the food’s intrinsic nutritional value. But it does, however, then make the food lethal to consume. And its portrayal to be “healthy-as-always” then does scandalous harm to ALL that merely observe its consumption.
This shell game does not trick the Almighty. It does not really even deceive the TRULY Faithful. But it does serve to beguile the already deceived into reinforcing their self-deception instead of seeking the Metanoia that would bring them everlasting salvation. Continually postponing conversion until the moment of death makes that event less and less likely. If a sinner continually receives affirmation, or what he perceives as public acceptance of his sin, eventually he denies his actions were ever really sinful. God does not concur, despite His Word being depicted by radical Modernists as “hate speech.”

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