24 June 2019

Fr Vaughn Treco 'Excommunicated' For Being Catholic!

Earlier this year, I shared several articles about a Priest, Fr Vaughn Treco, who was being disciplined for being 'too orthodox'. If you don't recall, here are links to a couple of them, O Father, My Father! The Story of Fr. Vaughn Treco and Priest To Be EXCOMMUNICATED For This Homily.

I have just learned that Fr Treco has, indeed, been 'excommunicated' for preaching a thoroughly orthodox, Catholic sermon. I've just messaged him that whilst I can't afford to help financially, that he is in my prayers. I urge my readers to join me, and if you can help  with the finances to please do so.

From the GoFundMe account set up to help FrTreco:

Greetings friends and supporters!

It has been some time since I last updated you on the status of this fundraiser and Fr. Treco's canonical status. We've gone through all of the Easter season, the Holy Spirit has descended on Pentecost, we have worshiped God as the Trinity which He is, and today is the feast of Corpus Christi in which we honor, worship, and adore the Body of Christ in the Holy Eucharist (though I realize in many places that feast is transferred to this coming Sunday.) And after that, we begin the slow burn in the time after Pentecost (or Trinitytide as it is called in the Ordinariate calendar.)

It is at this time the the church year slows down. We become very accustomed to the green vestments of the sacred ministers, and feasts are few. It's during this time of year that we ponder all we have gone through in the first half of the year from Advent through Epiphany into Lent rising up to Easter, and let that nourish us through the journey of the Christian life. The time after Pentecost is not just "Ordinary Time" as if we're getting back to normal, but the time after Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit is moving in the Church which is the Kingdom of God to make manifest the rule of Christ the King here on earth.

It was on the feast of Christ the King at the end of the liturgical cycle last year that Fr. Treco delivered his homily in which he took a stand against a corrupt hierarchy and provided us with much needed context for the abuse scandal. Not only did he simply take a stand and tell us where this has its roots, but Fr. Treco also showed us a way forward, on how to live a good Catholic life in the midst of this terror.

Today is also the one year anniversary, to the day, of the then-Cardinal McCarrick revelations which brought the abuse scandal back to the forefront of our thoughts. If you follow Catholic media, you may be aware that new revelations about Cardinal Bernardin have come to light. You may have also heard about the neo-pagan sympathies and proposed laxity in the discipline of priestly celibacy in the Instrumentum Laboris for the upcoming Amazon Synod.

I won't go into any details of these things. You can find them yourself if you're interested. It is against all of these things that we all must stand, and it is for this reason that we need to to support Fr. Treco.

Some time ago, we doubled the amount the appeal initially asked for. This was not done lightly but because of a realization of what is at hand. The reality is this. On January 29th, Father was suspended a divinis, no longer able to celebrate the sacraments. On April 1st, Bishop Lopes issued a decree of excommunication against Fr. Treco. There was almost no due canonical process. Some facts of the case are in the image attached to this update.

Fr. Treco has submitted a canonical appeal to the Ordinariate, his second, both of which have been ignored by the chancery. The second was also sent to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith by way of the Papal Nuncio. Other battles are just over the horizon.

So far, Father's Canonical defense has cost over $5,000 USD. By the end, the expected cost is going to be in the excess of $15,000. That's the reality we're in and that's why we raised the fundraiser amount.

I'd like to thank you again, as I did at the beginning of the Easter season, for helping Fr. Treco to meet our initial goal. I did not know if we would reach it. We've exceeded that amount, but still have quite a ways to go.

With all of the evil be perpetrated by certain members of the hierarchy and the doctrinal confusion present through the diabolical disorientation in the church today, we need priests like Fr. Vaughn Treco who are willing to fight for the Catholic faith. We need them in good standing to administer the sacraments to keep us on the right path.

We still need your help. If you can continue to give, please do. Please direct friends, family, and fellow parishioners to this fundraiser. Share the link and updates on social media. And of course, offers prayers and sufferings for our persecuted priests, especially Fr. Treco.

God bless you all!
Pax Domine,


  1. Thanks for the up date on Fr. Treco. I will send him more money.

  2. In reading of Father Treco & the contents of his sermon, I can understand why Bishop Lopes felt it necessary to discipline him. Father Treco, I think, does intend to be perfectly orthodox. The same can be said for Bishop Lopes. The former, though, is orthodox more along the lines of the Eastern Orthodox, who lack communion with the Holy Father & the living Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Whereas the latter lives in communion with this living Magisterium who are the Bishops of the Catholic Church, successors of 'Peter & the apostles'. Only the Catholic Church lives in Communion with the Pope, the Successor of St Peter, renamed 'rock' by Our Lord, upon whom, as He promised, the 'gates of hell' will never 'prevail' (cf. St Matthew's Gospel, 16th Chapter). Only in this Church, by means of her Magisterium, can an OEcumenical Council still be effectively convoked having Our Lord's promise of infallibility.

  3. Without this living Magisterium, one is left to interpret all of the documents of the Church, from the Sacred Scriptures themselves--the Word of God written--to the writing of the Church Fathers--which bear witness, esp. where they consent, to Sacred Tradition--to all the various OEcumenical Councils, Papal teachings, etc.--to interpret them on one's own (as Protestants do of Holy Writ), or, in accord with that Schismatic Church to which one belongs (as the Greek Orthodox do of the First Seven OEcumenical Councils, of Holy Writ & Holy Tradition). One example of a schismatic church--who left at the First Vatican Council--the Old Catholic Church--as Pope Francis points out, now 'ordain' women to the 'priesthood'(!)

  4. Thanks GK. I with Fr. Treco. Our current Magisterium under heretic "Pope" cannot be followed by orthodox Catholics as it bases its teachings on Vatican II which is clearly the work of the devil.

    In our present day confusion in the Church I choose to follow the direction and teaching of Archbishop Vigano. I would suggest that all Catholics do the same.


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