27 June 2019

Media “Officially” and Wildly Exaggerates Participation at Gomorrist Parade

The mass media working hand in hand with the Culture of Death.

From The Eponymous Flower 

The Euro Pride 2019 as a fake news producer. The fatamorganisch inflated number of participants was passed on unchecked by the media.

"Every year, the mainstream media announce that the number of participants in the Rainbow Parade has risen again. This time was used to propose an absurd and unchecked fancy number of allegedly 500,000 participants. In fact, due to the enormous heat, the rainbow parade was much less visited than in recent years. Of course you can only estimate it, but if you calculate the footprint of the parade on the Ringstraße, then no more than possibly 20,000 people can really have participated - including all the onlookers.”

The online magazine Uzensoriert, June 17, 2019.

On Wikipedia you can also find the fancy number. 460,000-500,000 participants are claimed  and to reports from the two left media organs, ORF Online and the newspaper Standard are the sources claimed. The numbers of the Unzensiert will probably never be found there.

The left Standard was euphoric:

"Half million marches at Europride in Vienna."

And reported:

"Now it's official: More people than ever before participated in the 24th Rainbow Parade on Saturday. A spokeswoman told the APA that around 460,000 to 500,000 people have participated. This is a new record, which was already expected in the run-up. "


Since when is the number of participants of an organizer without cross-checking an "official" statement? The tendency to inflate the numbers is obvious, especially in the homo-spectacle, especially since the number of "up to 500,000 expected participants" was trumpeted in the media. The standard itself writes: "a new record, which was already expected in advance.” The organizers' statements to the APA and the media reports were nothing more than a self-fulfilling prediction. Otherwise one would have to admit that fewer participants than expected have come. Far less!

You should be able to count

Usually, the media keeps asking questions from the police, who have more experience in assessing the number of participants and, above all, are more sober. Finally, for security reasons, they must keep a realistic overview. This is precisely what the media, see Standard, did in the same reports concerning the number of participants in the march for the family held in the center of Vienna. Look at one.

The police could have given the APA a more realistic figure also for the Euro Pride, and that would have been much lower, indeed much lower, than that disseminated by the press agency. But the reputable media obviously only ask if it suits them.

Thus, the APA spread by the figure wondrously increased by the gay glasses imagination of the organizer. Serious journalism could do that better. Through the APA, the fatamorganically created a number of participants under the sweltering heat of that day reached all Austrian and international editors unchecked.

A prime example of how fake news arises. Sorry, "lead media" do not produce fake news, never, never. Word of honor!

Exorbitantly inflated attendance at international Gay Prides have been on the agenda for years. The organizers and their homophile media giant are almost obsessed with fantasy figures. In reality, a media hype is staged, which is supposed to generate psychological pressure on the public and, above all, politics in the unintended side effect. The consequences do not remain: Austria can "decorate" since 15 June with the dubious primacy of being the first country in which the head of state has spoken to the well-to-do audience. This primacy goes to the Green Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen. The 2016 also got through into office by the tiniest of margins. Even the gray-slick, Social Democrat former Federal President Heinz Fischer appeared with homosexual colors. Probably both of these first men of the republic, could even look themselves in the eyes in the mirror come evening.

The  gay lobby’s networking with Greens and SPÖ became obvious. Both parties were able to use the event for campaign advertising and add value through the exaggerated media attention. Or not - should a large part of the population, which is to be hoped, still have all of their marbles.

In Vienna, it was not until the SPÖ rally on 1 May that an unmasking "number range” was revealed.  The comrades fabulously reported 120,000 participants, but the police only 12,000 and delivered the evidence after a public hiccup. At that time, however, Herbert Kickl was still a Freedom Party Minister of the Interior. He probably would have made sure to let the air out of the balloon of the Euro Pride 2019, in rainbow parade Vienna.

Epidemic health hazard

The Gay Prides, Euro Prides and World Prides, however, are associated with quite different problems than chronic weakness in counting among Pride organizers and leading media journalists. Katholisches.info reported in 2017 on the hepatitis A epidemic after Europride 2016 in Amsterdam:

While competent authorities are right to minimize risks and prevent dangerous situations in order to protect public health, they look the other way around Gay Pride, even though they are the cause of epidemic health hazards. In 2017, NGO OsservatorioGender called for:

"In addition, for health concerns and for epidemic prevention, all Gay Prides planned in Europe should be canceled."

In view of the hyperbole of gay pride, it is not surprising that even the media does not address this question.

Nothing should disturb the great "fun" and total stupefaction that takes place under the blasphemous general motto "Love is Love". The pictures of the Rainbow Parade speak for themselves.

Text: Andreas Becker / Martha Burger
Image: Youtube (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com

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