29 June 2019

An Observation About Microsoft and the Culture War

My computer is dying. Among many problems, only certain keys on the keyboard work. Unfortunately the working keys do not include some of the most common letters in English, such as a,e,h,i,n, and s. I had an ingenious, laborious, work around devised, but my 11 year old grandson pointed out that I had an onscreen keyboard bundled on my laptop. This has made my life much easier, tho' it's still more time consuming than a physical keyboard.

The onscreen keyboard has autocomplete, of course. Now I don't expect autocomplete to 'know' Latin or the odd names of  some of the Saints I mention. However, I do expect it to know words like 'Latin'! If I type 'Lati' my only two choices are 'Latitude' and its plural, 'Latitudes'.

I would think it was just an odd glitch if it weren't for another glaring example. 'Christ' is OK, but if I enter 'Christ', the autocomplete choices are 'Christened', 'Christen', 'Christenings', and 'Christens'!

I would completely understand if it didn't offer 'Christocentric', 'Christology' or 'Christological' as choices, but what happened to 'Christian', 'Christianity', or 'Christendom'?

Could it be that Billy-Boy Gates doesn't want us typing about Christianity or the restoration of Christendom? Just a random thought.

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