27 June 2019

BUDAPEST, USA: Nazis, Commies and Democrats

Michael Matt visits the 'Museum of Terror', where clergy and laymen were tortured and martyred by socialists, both red and brown.

From The Remnant 

By Michael J. Matt

Reporting from the streets of Budapest, Michael J. Matt visits the 'Museum of Terror' where Catholic cardinals, priests and laymen in Hungary were imprisoned, tortured and killed by Nazis and Communists from 1944 to 1991.
Cardinal Josef Mindszenty was the fearless Hungarian hero who stood up for the Catholic people against the totalitarian forerunners to the new socialist Democrats today that want to turn America into the Eastern Europe of the Soviet era.
Question: What will happen to Christian people in totalitarian regimes now that the modern Catholic Church has thrown in with the socialists? You think Pope Francis would back a Cardinal Mindszenty against the New Order, as Pius XII did back in the day?
So, what can we learn about America's future from visiting Communist Budapest's past? God help us, is history really about to repeat itself? Perhaps we should ask Bernie Sanders and AOC.

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