25 March 2018

Pope Francis: God is the "Father of all confessions."

I had missed this a couple of months ago, but here is more damning evidence of Francis' heresy.

On the second day of his capturing of the Throne of Peter, Jorge Bergoglio appeared before the assembled media in the Paul VI Audience Hall. It was the third time in hours that I wanted to vomit at his actions, that chills overcame me. The first was when he came out on the loggia, the second was when he refused to genuflect after to the Holy Sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ at his first Mass as Bishop of Rome in the Sistine Chapel. That day in the Hall he refused to bless the assembled. He said as I recall, "I respect your consciences and since you are not all Catholic, I will not bless you but pray for you in my heart."

At that point, he denied the supremacy of God. He refused to bless the Catholics present and allow the Holy Ghost to fill the room with grace which may have worked conversions on those not believing or not Catholic.

Yesterday, he held an Audience with members of the Italian Red Cross. At the end, which is in the video below and easily understandable from the gutter Italian which he speaks:
"I ask the blessing of God - God the Father of us all, Father of all confessions - on you all."

This is heresy and he was caught in it, we can assume. Note the video beginning at 21:40. You will see a bishop approaching him from his left, he speaks to him, clearly imploring something. The Pope then points to the audience, puts his hands together as if to say, "I prayed for them," and then, dismisses him.

Perhaps that bishop, whoever he may be, will find the courage to rally his brothers to confront the evil that has descended upon us.

God is not the father of lies of paganism - of Hinduism, Islamism, Buddhism. God is not the father of the error of Protestantism. God is not the father of lies. This "god" of whom Bergoglio speaks is his "god of surprises," and that is not the Most Holy Trinity from who our only relief from this boil will come. 

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  1. We should speak about this more often, very often. Since Bergoglio is not Catholic, perhaps he should join Freemasonry or any other perfectly fine and valid path to salvation. Why does he have to stick to Catholicism he despises so?


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