31 March 2018

Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Our King Enthroned

By Braden N. Plyler, Marshall of The Counter-Revolution, an organisation of which I'm very proud to be a member. I am the 'old man' of the group, since most of my fellows are lads in their twenties!

From The Counter Revolution

Long ago, our enemies thought they had finally conquered Him - the Divine within a Bodily veil. He corrected them, and they beat Him. He showed them the Truth, and they rent apart His Holy Face. Like Paul, those who cried out for His crucifixion did not have the reality of their torture revealed to them until later.
They didn't realize they were truly honoring the King as it was foretold. He was welcomed when they assumed He would serve Earthly desires, and rejected when He surrendered Himself to His Father's Will.

This is not a time of defeat, brother Christians. Though the world around us calls for His crucifixion again and again, they forget that his torture was his true coronation.

We do not long for kings and lords which work for their own will, as those who crucified Him did, but the Will of the Father. We do not aim for hierarchy which preserves only itself, but a mirror and reflection of Heaven. We do not want comfort - but struggle against Flesh and Blood until we meet our Eternal Reward which only awaits our eternal souls.

Each time man thinks he tramples Christ and His Bride, the Church, they fall into their own trap. For Our Lord was enthroned upon the Cross, publicly scourged, and anointed by His Blood and common wine. He was crowned by thorns and suffering, not material wealth.

Thus must we look always to the Cross and not to the glories of this world - for this glory only delights the soul as much as it reflects the true divine and eternal Light. We should not look for order for the sake of  the material, for the sake of temporal power, or the maintaining of the status quo; rather, to put ourselves closer to that order which exists in Heaven. This order only comes from the Logos, Our Lord the Incarnate Word, and how it reflects God's creation of the world.

As this this order comes only from the Word, so too does legitimate power -- as Our Lord told Pilate "my power comes from the Lord". We should not look to popularity, or might, or emotional manipulation, but always above and to the Cross as the principle of legitimacy.

Therein it is assured; all people, all nations, and all governments will fail unless they look to Our Lord crucified. Not only as our Savior, but as a model of virtue, of service, and surrender to the Will of the Father. We would do well, then, to dwell upon Our King who promised to dwell with us until the end as Our Eucharistic King, and as King of the Universe. He holds every right and presses upon us every duty He desires; He offers as much grace as we need to fulfill His call.

As a people working to form a Catholic and legitimate society, we must allow Christ the King and His Church to exercise every right necessary; to impose upon us every task deemed prudent for Her defense, and mold ourselves more perfectly to model of His Humanity, to the purity of Our Blessed Mother, and the virtue of his holy foster-father Joseph. All of time looks to the Cross - all souls born before his Suffering yearned for His Sacrifice. Ought now we look back, to contemplate and meditate upon it, upon this great turning point which saved us from the original sin of Eden. So too should every aspect of our world look to Our Lord, crucified, Enthroned, Crowned, and giving all of Himself up for us to truly strive for holiness and perfection.

All must only see and strive for the reflections of the divine in our lives, in suffering and prosperity, in sickness and health. We must model our lives on virtue, our families on the Holy Family, and our governments as mirrors of Heaven. All virtue, all truth, and all beauty comes from throwing ourselves at the foot of Our Lord's Cross.

For the more we look to the true coronation of Our Lord, the greater the triumph we see when Death and Hell have been conquered, His Resurrection, and eventual return to restore all things to Him. 

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