31 March 2018

Bergoglio Crucifies Jesus All Over Again

From Vox Cantoris on the 'There is no hell' heresy being spouted by Francis.

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As I wrote two days ago, it was my intention not to blog this week, particularly over the Sacred Triduum. My peace has been disturbed and has yours no doubt, by the man sitting on the Chair of Peter. "Don't let him disturb your peace," some will opine. To which I respond, "So, we should abandon Our Lord at His Cross, His new Calvary?"

We are not little children, we are not even Bergoglio's "yoots." We can take the truth, we can survive our disturbed peace to call out what is now clear to all, a heretic Pope named Jorge Bergoglio.

The comments attributed to Bergoglio by Eugenio Scalfari have been denied by the Vatican press experts. They state that he has not been "quoted" therefore, the comments have no basis in fact and should be dismissed.

Sorry, Greg. Sorry, George. Not good enough!

This is not the first time Bergoglio has made these comments about Hell to Scalfari and he has reported them. He continues to go back to this atheist communist like a dog to vomit. If he is trying to convert Scalfari, it is not working. Yet, this Bergoglio is not a stupid man, He is not a fool, he is not suffering from dementia. He is a manipulative, calculating, spiteful, deceitful, vindictive malefactor who has been thrust on the Seat of Peter by evil men and inept Cardinals.

The fact that those Cardinals who have a reported "buyers remorse" sit by whilst this boil on the papal seat continues without rebuke is to their own damnation.

This scandal by Bergoglio, that no Hell exists, has made the global media. Just this morning on Twitter, I have seen it on Fox, the Wall Street Journal and even, Rush Limbaugh. It is the same worldwide.

The fact that this man has done this in Holy Week shows his arrogance, egoism and diabolical narcissism. He cannot let Our Lord Jesus Christ outrank him. Some will say, "Ignore him, you are doing the work of the devil by focussing off of him." To those who do, I say, "You are the real Pharisees. you do the work of Satan, your father. If you lost a dollar on the Sabbath, would you not search for it? Would you not go to the peripheries to search for the lost sheep leaving the ninety-nine behind?"

Greg Burke can issue all the statements he wants. Bergoglio's toadies and butt-kissing sycophants in the media and Church can spin all they want, it is not good enough.

Nothing less than Bergoglio publicly stating that Scalfari did not quote him correctly and that he affirms the Catholic and Biblical truth of Hell is good enough.

Until he does that, then we have no choice to believe that Scalfari's report is correct.

There have been many occasions before but it must now be positively obvious to everyone. Jorge Bergoglio, Bishop of Rome, is a formal heretic.

He may have the legal office of Pope, but he no longer has the Grace of Office and must be treated as such.

In his pride, his arrogance he has engaged in a massive overreach. He has been "found wanting."

Cardinals, Bishops, do your duty.

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