29 March 2018

30 March, The Roman Martyrolgy

The Martyrology is not read today, since it is Good Friday, but if it were not, the following would be read.

March 30th anno Domini 2018 The 13th Day of Moon were born into the better life: 

At Rome, on the Appian way, the martyrdom of blessed Quirinus, tribune, baptized with all his household, by Pope St. Alexander, who was imprisoned in his house. Under the emperor Adrian, he was delivered to the judge Aurelian, and, as he persevered in the confession of the faith, his tongue was plucked out, he was stretched on the rack, his hands and feet were cut off, and the sword terminated the course of his martyrdom.

At Thessalonica, the birthday of the holy martyrs Domninus, Victor, and their companions.

At Constantinople, the commemoration of many holy martyrs of the Catholic communion, whom the heresiarch Macedonius, in the time of Constantius, put to death by unheard-of kinds of torments. For among other tortures, he cut off the breasts of Christian women by pressing them between the lids of chests, and seared the wounds with hot iron.

At Senlis, the demise of St. Regulus, bishop of Aries.

At Orleans, in France, St. Pastor, bishop.

At Syracuse, St. Zosimus, bishop and confessor.

On Mount Sinai, St. John Climacus, abbot.

At Aquino, St. Clinius, confessor.
V. And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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