30 September 2021

Nancy Pelosi Says China is Committing Genocide But We Must Ignore It Because Climate Change

Pelosi admits that for the Left 'climate change' is more important than anything else, including genocide!

From Creative Minority Report

By Matthew Archbold

I know what you’re thinking. There’s no way she actually said that, right? You’d be wrong. Sometimes politicians slip and tell the truth, especially as they get older or drunk (or both.)

Here’s what she said in her clearly unscripted comments.

We’ve always felt connected to China, but with their military aggression in the South China Sea, with their continuation of genocide with the Uyghurs in Xinjiang province there, with their violation of the cultural, linguistic, religious priority of Tibet, with their suppression of democracy in Hong Kong and other parts of China, as well – they’re just getting worse in terms of suppression, and freedom of speech. So, human rights, security, economically [sic]. Don’t miss out on content from Dave Rubin free of big tech censorship. Listen to The Rubin Report now.

Having said all of that … we have to work together on climate. Climate is an overriding issue and China is the leading emitter in the world, the U.S. too and developed world too, but we must work together.

Overriding. That’s the key here. Yeah, China is guilty of genocide but climate change overrides all that brutal genocidey stuff.

These are the people in charge of the world. They don’t care one whit about individual lives.

I didn’t see this reported anywhere in the mainstream media. Did you?

Glenn Beck said, “She said ‘we have to work together on climate,’ because climate is the ‘overriding issue.’ The overriding issue? There is no way to describe this mindset. That, yes, they are killing an entire group of people because of their ethnicity or religion. They are systematically rounding them up, using them for slave labor, and killing them, using their organs and selling them on the open market. They are nothing more than cattle. For us to recognize it and do nothing about it is bad enough. But to say, ‘we recognize it, but we have bigger things to talk to them about,’ is a horror show.”

So the question to ask is, what does trump climate change? Because individual lives certainly don’t. This is anti-Christian. I can’t put it more plainly. This is utilitarianism. She is saying that she thinks more lives are in danger from climate change so we must ignore the fewer numbers of victims of genocide.

Who’d a thunk that the party of abortion wouldn’t care about human life? Who saw that coming?

One final note. If climate change is more important than actually taking lives, what is the Democrat Party willing to do to those who stand in the way of their climate change policies? If you are against the New Green Deal, does that make you WORSE than those who commit genocide in their eyes?

When genocide is the lesser of two evils, genocide can and will be done for the greater good.

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