27 September 2021

Card. Sarah's Latest Interview Includes Comments on Liturgy and Latin and Tradition, Benedict XVI, the Synod, and Vatican II

Fr Zed gives us some 'teasers' from His Eminence Robert, Cardinal Sarah's latest interview, 'Neither Traditionalist, nor Progressive, but Uncompromising' in French.

From Fr Z's Blog

Do you read French?  If not, use some online translation option and read the interview the great Robert Card. Sarah did at cath.ch.  HERE

The interviewer kept coming back around to questions about liturgy and Latin and tradition.  The Cardinals answers are worth pondering.

Just few tastes… I don’t have time to translate it all:


Walking together is the definition of the word synod.

No. What matters is not the walk, but the search for the truth. Truth does not arise from consensus, it precedes us. If we dialogue, if we meet, it is because we seek together the truth that sets one free. Each comes with his vision, his ideas. But if I’m being honest, I have to admit that my vision is incomplete and be prepared to embrace the other’s more complete and true vision.
If we look at what is happening on the German synodal path, I don’t know where it will lead us. Towards a total reinvention of the Church? We will take what everyone says to establish a consensus. But the truth of the Church is ahead of us. It cannot be made by us.


Respect for the liturgical form is therefore central for faith.

I am in awe of other religions. Muslims, Buddhists, all pray the same way. I don’t understand why we Christians are fighting over these issues. Faith is a gift from God. We waste too much energy in unnecessary liturgical conflicts.


You don’t want a lukewarm Church.

The Church must speak a precise clear language that speaks doctrine and morals. Many bishops are silent or say vague things for fear of the media and negative reactions. We must ask the grace of God to increase our faith and to grow in his love. We don’t pray enough.

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