29 September 2021

Francis' Dialogue With Jesuits in Bratislava About the Vetus Ordo, Homosexuality, People Who "Wanted Him Dead", a Global Catholic TV Channel Doing the "Work of the Devil"

Fr Zed has some thoughts on what Francis said about the Gregorian Rite in his remarks to his Jesuit Brethren in Bratislava.

From Fr Z's Blog

From La Civiltà Cattolica, which is run by Jesuit Fr. Antonio “2+2=5” Spadaro, a transcript of a meeting between Francis and Jesuits in Bratislava.   HERE

I think it’s best for me simply to send you over to LCC to read Francis’ words and to form your own opinions about the people who “wished him dead” and homosexuality, etc.

Since I tend to focus on liturgy I’ll only pull out something he said about the traditional Roman Rite.

BTW… it is important that you go to the LCC site and read that whole section of the Q&A carefully.   His comments on what he did about Vetus Ordo flow from his answer to a question about the people who don’t like him, look at him with suspicion.  He also takes a shot at what can only be EWTN as doing the “work of the devil”.

Back to liturgy.

My emphases and comments

“Now I hope that with the decision to stop the automatism [“the performance of actions without conscious thought or intention … ” for example, used in a sentence… “diabetic patients who commit crimes while hypoglycemic may be able to plead automatism” – and in art automatism produces mainly semi-conscious scribbles.] of the ancient rite we can return to the true intentions of Benedict XVI and John Paul II. My decision is the result of a consultation with all bishops of the world made last year. From now on, those who want to celebrate with the vetus ordo [There it is.] must ask permission from Rome as is done with biritualism[Two rites.] But there are young people who after a month of ordination go to the bishop to ask for it. This is a phenomenon that indicates that we are going backwards “.  [But… why do young priests and young people want the Vetus Ordo?]

A cardinal told me that two newly ordained priests went to him asking to study Latin to celebrate well. He, who has a sense of humor, replied: ‘But there are many Hispanics in the diocese! Study Spanish to be able to preach. Then when you have studied Spanish, come back to me and I will tell you how many Vietnamese there are in the diocese, and I will ask you to study Vietnamese. Then, when you have learned Vietnamese, I will give you permission to study also Latin ‘. So he made them ‘land ‘ [“atterrare”, used for landing an airplane], he brought them back to earth. I go forward, not because I want to make the revolution. I do what I feel I have to do. It takes a lot of patience, prayer and a lot of charity”.

A sense of humor.

Permission to study Latin.

It’s all really hysterically funny, isn’t it.

Tell me how a bishop playing cat and mouse with young priests that way is charitable?

First, one doesn’t need permission to study Latin.  If anything, because of the unequivocal clarity of can. 249, seminarians should have to obtain explicit permission not to study it.

This is the world turned inside out and upside down, colors inversed, polarities shifted.

Read the rest of that piece.

And, while you are at La Civiltà Cattolica, notice the rotating graphic on their right sidebar which had endorsements from the people whom Spadaro must hold in high esteem.

Can’t disagree with that.

Followed by two of the most harmful voices in the Church today.

By the way, Fr. Spadaro is deeply interested in the life and works of Italian homosexual writer Pier Vittorio Tondelli, so much so that he created his own website about him (HERE).

I’m closing the combox on this.  You can mail me your comments if you wish.


Fishwrap‘s coverage of this, from the very first words, latched onto Francis’ thinly veiled attack on their hated rival and polar opposite EWTN.   As the New catholic Red Guards do, they named some people in order to let the troops know whom to attack.

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