30 September 2021

When Obedience is Used as a Tool of the Devil....

What is obedience? To whom or what are we to be obedient? These are vital questions today and Mary Ann Kreitzer gives some cogent answers.

From Les Femmes

By Mary Ann Kreitzer

Obedience is a great virtue. In fact, it is often called a foundational virtue, one that stands as a pillar to others. Whom are we called to obey? God first, of course. Then those who have lawful authority over us. Children owe obedience to their parents. Catholics owe obedience to the doctrine and precepts of the Church. We owe obedience to those in lawful authority in government. We owe obedience to the Truth, who is a person, Jesus Christ.

But, and this is a big BUT, we do not owe obedience when what we are ordered to do violates the LAW OF GOD or are own well-informed conscience. Note the adjective: WELL INFORMED.

In fact, justice demands that we DISOBEY and defy such orders. History abounds with tyrants who ordered people to do immoral things: offer adoration to pagan gods, arrest and murder people because of their ethnic background or their religion, lie and coverup evil deeds. Satanic reality lurks all around us -- and has since the devil seduced Eve in the Garden of Eden.

But what happens when the virtue of obedience becomes a trap to destroy the truth? We see that almost daily in the modern Church and the actions and statements of Pope Francis. Carry Pachamam into St. Peter's. Dismiss Jesus' Great Commission to baptize the whole world "In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit." All religions deserve equal recognition before God and everyone goes to heaven no matter which path they follow. Conduct visitations of orthodox communities with the express purpose of destroying them and suppress the Mass of the ages. Claim that the "common good" and love for others requires taking a vaccine developed and tested by murdering and cannibalizing unborn infants.

"It was the height of the devil's victory to destroy the Church by obedience." That's the creed of freemasonry, Communism, and the devil. Each of us must know the truth and refuse to compromise with the lie, especially the lie that shakes a fist at God. No matter what "authority" orders us to disobey God's laws or join in the rebellion against His truth, we may not obey. 

The persecution is here. The question now is how will we respond? Will we compromise and offer just a tiny pinch of incense or will we stand with Michael and his angels and ask the authorities, "Who is like unto God?"

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