30 March 2020

Musings is Going Away (Hopefully Temporarily!)

First of all, I'm okay. I don't have the virus. However,  the charging cord for my laptop seems to have shot craps. I don't have another cord or a backup computer . This is being labouriously typed on my tablet. I cannot possibly keep the blog going if it takes me 30 minutes or an hour for each post, especially since copy and paste is virtually impossible for me on a tablet.

The last time I was without a computer I managed to keep the blog afloat by going to the public library. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, that isn't an option this time.

So, until I can get a new charging cord, posts will be few and far between, if any. Any posts I do manage to make will only be shared on my personal page and the 'Musings' group page on Facebook, since even sharing from this tablet is a pain!

This could not have happened at a worse time! Being self isolated, my two main occupations have been the blog and FishEaters Forum. The lack of a power supply for the laptop takes away the blog and FE has been offline since Saturday evening!

May I ask a favour of anyone who sees this? Please, if anyone expresses concern at my absence, reassure them that I'm fine but my computer isn't!

Please pray for me that I don't go completely stircrazy and that I can get a power supply SOON!


  1. So glad you let us know what was happening with you. Prayers are a given. Hope to see you back online soonest.

  2. Glad that you're okay! Perhaps consider a "Go Fund Me" account or something - I'm sure we could raise enough for a good, updated computer and powercords, too! Bests, Blessings! Jeff


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