27 March 2020

CDF Decree: New SAINTS for the Extraordinary Form (TLM) Liturgical Calendar

Fr Zed's reaction to the new Feasts added to the TLM Calendar.

From Fr Z's Blog

Huge news for the use of the traditional Missale Romanum, the Extraordinary Form.
The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith absorbed my old office, the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei“.  Thus, the CDF has charge over matters of the Extraordinary Form.
The CDF issued a decree concerning the liturgical celebration of saints in the Extraordinary Form. HERE and explanation  HERE   Scroll down for English (and other languages).  (There are typos in the Latin.  Can you spot them?  Believe me, this is not the fault of the “Ecclesia Dei” section.  The Press Office Secretariate of State makes the Bolletino.  Someone didn’t turn off the Italian spell checker.)
In another decree they also approved new prefaces.  I’ll leave that for another post.
This move closes a big gap between the calendars of the Novus Ordo and the TLM.   There are more recently canonized saints, after 26 July 1960 – that’s a great many saints – who were not easily celebrated using the TLM.  This decree makes honoring them at the altar easier… when the level or “class” of the day permits in the older calendar.  1960 was the last updating of the Roman Martyrology, before 1962.
The decree makes it possible to celebrate these saints on these days, not obligatory.
Users of the TLM should remember that all along the way, Popes added saints to the calendar as they were canonized and added Mass formularies ad libitum.  This is not a radical innovation.  As a matter of fact it demonstrates that the Extraordinary Form is here to stay.
The CDF decree has a list of some 70 feasts of the III Class which can be (not must be) used, all things considered. Think about that for LENT. We can honor St. Thomas Aquinas on his traditional Feast, 7 March, even if it is in Lent, or the Archangel Gabriel can have more than just a commemoration in a III Class Lenten Feria.
Here is the list of saints for the TLM calendar:
Elenchus dierum festorum III classis qui non impediri possunt
17 S. Antonii Abb.
20 Ss. Fabiani Papae et Sebastiani Mm.
21 S. Agnetis Virg. et Mart.
24 S. Timothei Ep. et Mart.
25 In Conversione S. Pauli Ap.
26 S. Polycarpi Ep. et Mart.
27 S. Ioannis Chrysostomi Ep., Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
29 S. Francisci Salesii Ep., Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
31 S. Ioannis Bosco Conf.
01 S. lgnatii Ep. et Mart.
05 S. Agathae Virg.et Mart.
06 S. Titi Ep. et Conf.
06 Ss. Perpetuae e Felicitatis Mm.
07 S. Thomae de Aquino Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
09 S. Franciscae Romanae, Vid.
12 S. Gregorii I Papae, Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
21 S. Benedicti Abb.
24 S. Gabrielis Archang.
11 S. Leonis I Papae, Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
14 S. Iustini Mart.
30 S. Catharinae Senensis Virg.
02 S. Athanasii, Ep., Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
04 S. Monicae Vid.
05 S. Pii V Papae et Conf.
09 S. Gregorii Nazianzeni Ep., Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
25 S. Gregorii VII Papae et Conf.
26 S. Philippi Nerii Conf.
05 Bonifatii Ep. et Mart.
11 S. Barnabae Ap.
13 S. Antonii de Padua Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
14 S. Basilii Magni Ep., Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
21 S. Aloisii Gonzagae Conf.
30 In Commemoratione S. Pauli Ap.
07 Ss. Cyrilli et Methodii Epp. et Cc.
14 S. Bonaventurae Ep., Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
19 S. Vincentii a Paulo Conf.
22 S. Mariae Magdalenae Paenitentis
29 S. Marthae Virg.
31 S. lgnatii Conf.
02 S. Alfonsi Mariae de Ligorio Ep., Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
04 S. Dominici Conf.
05 In Dedicatione S. Mariae ad Nives
08 S. Ioannis Mariae Vianney Conf.
12 S. Clarae Virg.
20 S. Bernardi Abbatis et Eccl. Doct.
28 S. Augustini Ep., Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
29 In Decollatione S. Ioannis Bapt.
03 S. Pii X Papae et Conf.
12 Sanctissimi Nominis B. Mariae Virg.
16 Ss. Comelii et Cypriani Ep., Mm.
27 Ss. Cosmae e Damiani Mm.
30 S. Hieronymi Presb., Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
02 Ss. Angelorum Custodum
03 S. Teresiae a Iesu Infante Virg.
04 S. Francisci Conf.
06 S. Brunonis Conf.
14 S. Callisti I Papae et Mart.
15 S. Teresiae Virg.
04 S. Caroli Ep. et Conf.
11 S. Martini Ep. et Conf.
14 S. Iosaphat Ep. et Mart.
18 In Dedicatione Basilicarum Ss. Petri et Pauli App.
22 S. Caeciliae Virg. et Mart.
23 S. Clementis I Papae et Mart.
24 S. Ioannis a Cruce Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
03 S. Francisci Xaverii Conf.
06 S. Nicolai Ep. et Conf.
07 S. Ambrosii Ep., Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
11 S. Damasi I Papae et Conf.
13 S. Luciae Virg. et Mart.
[00410-LA.01] [Testo originale: Latino]

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