29 March 2020

Coronavirus Has Exposed the Decadence of the Church in the West

Barona lays it on the line! Repent and turn to the Lord and His Church!

From Toronto Catholic Witness

By Barona

God writes straight with crooked lines. Every crisis exposes each man for who he really is. The curtain is drawn. The spotlight shines in the dark exposing every secret. 

God draws good out of evil, and some good is coming from Corona: exposing our western world, but even more (for the fish rots from the head down), the Church in her corruption, effeminacy, and materialism. It has exposed the false "christ" so many of us worship. Behind even pious sounding words is a fake "christ", romanticized, plastic, without the Cross, without suffering, without sacrifice. 

This "christ" is reflected in what is called "religion". Sentimental, theatrical, weak, full of "cheap moralizations", as Bishop Sheen said. 

Marx was, in a sense, correct that "religion is the opium of the people", if it be understood that "religion" be (as it is for so many of us) a psychological crutch: a type of feel good narcotic. For Corona has drawn back the curtain to expose that for many religion is precisely that: an intoxication focused on self, the world, false ideologies  and saviours, and as a result, a perversion of the Faith so that it is no longer that of Jesus Christ, but an act of self-worship. Each man becomes a "god". 

The West threw away the Cross decades ago: we now see the results when the coronavirus turned up. 

Corona has exposed so many of us as a materialist. Really a  type of communist without Party affiliation or a working knowledge of Das Capital, but holding bonds, equity, and dividends, with faith in an earthly messianism. Bt it is all there: materialism, messianism, and historicism.  

Break with your ideologies! Return to Christ, in Him is our ONLY salvation!

It is NOT in communism, socialism, materialism, globalism, zionism, naturalism, capitalism, protestantism, democratism, or any other evil messianic ideology that is against Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

We must repent. We must return to Jesus Christ, whom ALONE is the Source of Life. 

Watch this carefully. Meditate on it. Reflect on your life. Consider how far our world has fallen since this holy man spoke these words. 

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