20 October 2017

The Vegetable Garden

Another sign of autumn. The vegetable garden is almost done.The kale hangs bravely on, but the rest is a desolate wasteland, The zucchini and patty-pan summer squash died early. There was debate as to whether it was bugs or a virus that killed them, but it was a blessing from God that they died! They were producing so copiously that we couldn't eat, freeze, or dry them fast enough. Many of them went to the Clatonia Post Office, where they were left on the counter for the taking.

Of the rest, the onions are pulled and dried, the peppers are all eaten and we're buying store-bought now, the basil, both green and purple has been pulled and hung to dry, and the tomatoes that were left ripening on the vine have been picked and are completing the process in the warmth of the south-facing, enclosed porch. We've eaten fresh tomatoes, fresh salsa, had them on Pizza Margherita along with fresh garden basil, and used them in garden salads. We've boiled them down into sauce, which we've frozen. In fact, tonight's supper is rotini alla marinara made with some of it.

All in all, it was a success. And people will say that you have to use pesticides to have a good garden. Don't believe them!

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