25 October 2017

Another Day

We had a brief respite from the coming of autumn today. It was over 70 F! However, the forecasts for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night are all below freezing, with colder temperatures each succeeding night. That will undoubtedly be the end of the few hardy plants that are hanging on, the kale, the brave rose by the alleyway, and the flowers by the walkway, the identity of which I have no idea.

I'm looking forward to colder weather. I enjoy winter. Having lived in Alberta, I love to tease people here in the Midwest by asking them what they would do if it ever actually got cold. Having survived, quite nicely, a walking paper route at minus 50 degrees, I laugh at the 'cold' here.

On the other hand, my Other Half hates the cold. She is extremely sensitive to it, and is uncomfortable at any temperature much below 60. I tell her that she just needs to learn to dress for it. She doesn't take kindly to my advice, pointing out that she's already wearing three layers in an attempt to stay warm.

I'm just glad I've always lived where there are well defined seasons. I love three of them, but summer I could do without!

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