24 October 2017

The Adventure of the Bread Machine

Recently, whilst we were visiting our children, our youngest son was kind enough to buy us an Oster bread machine at a thrift shop.

My first attempt at using it was a disaster, unlike the two beautiful, delicious loaves my Other Half has made. Of course, it would have helped had I not used three times the required yeast! I read Tbsp for tsp. It over rose, and then fell, so it was a misshapen lump when I took it out. It actually turned out edible. VERY crusty and yeasty, but edible. My Other Half had some soaked in the fresh tomato sauce she was cooking down, with shredded cheese on top, and I crumbled up about 1/4 of the 'loaf' in a gruel (soup) of vegetable stock, barley, and steel cut oats. I call my concoctions of that sort gruel, which she finds off putting. However, she tasted it and said it was actually quite tasty. 

As soon as the results of my abominable attempt are eaten, I plan on trying again, this time being very careful with reading the recipe!

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