31 March 2023

The Raccolta - Dedication to the Holy Souls in Purgatory

Whilst I endeavour to satisfy the devotion of a large number of the faithful by a thirteenth Roman reprint of the Raccolta of Indulgenced Prayers, containing the additional grants of our present reigning Sovereign Pontiff Pius IX., I feel myself bound to adhere religiously to the pious mind of its compiler, who, out of his special devotion to you, my beloved souls, many times dedicated it to you. This he did, partly that he might in this way make a public attestation of his debt of gratitude to you, as he was wont to declare that he had received many graces and blessings from the Giver of all good through your intercession, and partly because this work of his has a special reference to you, and in a manner belongs to you. True it is, that it is of great benefit to the living, since it teaches them that, in order to gain the Indulgences, they must approach the Sacraments with due dispositions, and so keep themselves in the grace of God. Its special benefit, however, belongs to you, since it is you who reap the fruit of the suffrage of so many Indulgences gained by the faithful and made applicable to you: and this is why I also dedicate this work to you.

Accept, then, beloved souls, this offering, slender though it be; have respect to the end I set before myself, and the loving heart with which I offer it to you. Forget not, ye chosen ones of God, to manifest in my behalf your mighty aid, and obtain for me from God the remission of my guilt, and the gift of holy perseverance, that hereafter I may come with you to love and enjoy Him for all eternity: all this I trust you will obtain for me; and in humbleness of heart I pray God that this work may ever produce in the faithful who are yet in the flesh the fruits of eternal life, and aid you to enter into that kingdom of glory whither your hearts are already gone before.

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