27 March 2023

Muslim Elected Scottish First Minister and SNP Leader

Well, the SNP was founded by NSDAP sympathisers and many Muslims were enthusiastic supporters of the National Socialists, like the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

From The European Conservative

By Thomas O'Reilly

The son of first-generation Pakistani immigrants, Yousaf has received criticism for ties to the Muslim Brotherhood despite being on the progressive wing of the party.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has elected Humza Yousaf as its new leader and Scottish first minister after a bitter campaign in the wake of the surprise resignation of incumbent Nicola Sturgeon. Yousaf, who is seen as the continuity candidate within the party, took 48% of first preference votes as he saw off a challenge from social conservative Kate Forbes (40%) and minister for community safety Ash Reagan (11%). Yousaf subsequently defeated Forbes in second-round runoffs 52% to 48%.

Yousaf was the bookies’ favourite heading into the vote with the endorsement of most SNP parliamentarians. He will be formally inaugurated as First Minister at a vote in the Scottish parliament tomorrow, March 28th. Yousaf is expected to continue Sturgeon’s socially-liberal agenda, including support for Scottish transgender laws and rejoining the EU. The SNP hopes to utilise the next British election as preparation for a future Scottish independence referendum.

Support for Scottish independence has sagged in the aftermath of Sturgeon’s shock departure following her bungled response to a transgender prisoner scandal and controversial new legislation. 

The son of first-generation Pakistani immigrants, Yousaf has received criticism for ties to the Muslim Brotherhood despite being on the progressive wing of the party. 

Yousaf’s election means that the prime ministers of Ireland, Britain, and Scotland will now all be of Indian or Pakistani heritage. A practising Muslim, Yousaf has stated that his religious faith will not interfere with his new role.

The month-long leadership campaign exposed tensions within the party and its future direction. Yousaf gained the initiative in the campaign after his rival Kate Forbes confirmed her opposition to same-sex marriage, eliciting a slump in party support.

This vote marks the first SNP leadership change since Sturgeon was elected unopposed in 2014 following the resignation of her predecessor Alex Salmond. The Scottish government will now proceed with plans to challenge a Westminster veto on trans legislation and prepare for a potential Scottish independence referendum.

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