29 March 2023

Can Prince Harry and Princess Meghan Object to the Coronation of Charles III at the Ceremony?

A brilliant reply to a stupid question from, I can only assume, an ignorant American. It's on par with the 'Queen passes over Charles for William' bollocks the American tabloids published for years.

From Quora 

I recognise that you very rudely and ignorantly omit His Majesty’s title in phrasing your question.

First, there is no Princess Meghan.

Second, although sacramental, a coronation is not a marriage so objections are neither invited nor sustainable (all due process is complete before the procalamation - remember that?)

In summation, had Prince Harry and his wife legitimate grounds to object to King Charles III’s succession, then those grounds should have been put before the accession council immediately. It can hardly be claimed that Harry didn’t know this, he was feebly twittering about flying to Balmoral only the day before; is aPrince of the Blood and has a wife who complains at the drop of a hat.

Since the proclamation of our King went ahead, we may safely assume that since the succession process is complete, there remains no sustainable objection.

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