29 March 2023

Of What Does the Modern Left Remind Me?

'I was pledging not to make fun of elderly people because of their age back when it was the hip liberal thing to do.' He makes a brilliant point!

From Daffey Thoughts

By David Griffey

This scene from the late 1990s miniseries Hornblower:

Yep. Well done fellow. You cheat, and then when you miss hitting Horatio, you try to end the duel. Then when you're told Horatio can fire in his turn, you drop to your knees and beg like a baby to be spared. I thought of Midshipmen Simpson acting this way when I heard a snippet about how horrible it is that people keep dragging President Biden through the mud because of his age. Since apparently it's always bad to be snide about someone who is older:

Yep. That was the 80s, when liberals and critics of then President Reagan pulled out all the stops to drag him through the mud because of his age. And that video was among some of the nicer appraisals of Reagan I heard and saw back in the day.

Not that such naked double standards and hypocrisy are unique to the Left. But again, they are almost universal among the Left. Because those who should call out such mendacity - like our educational, media, and journalistic institutions - have vested interests in looking the other way, it only gets worse, never better.

The badge of membership for belonging to the modern Left.

Remember, when your go-to tactic is acting like a spoiled child, it might be time to rethink your alliances.

FWIW, I do not go after Biden because of his age or his cognitive abilities. Despite being a liberal and agnostic in my college days, I came to despise the ugly and hateful things said about Reagan regarding things he couldn't help. Having two parents who ended up with Alzheimer's and Dementia has not softened me on that resolution.

Like so many other things, I'm simply ahead of the liberal curve. I was pledging not to make fun of elderly people because of their age back when it was the hip liberal thing to do. A bit like how I didn't like Donald Trump back when liberals and democrats loved the guy and couldn't wait to party with him. I suppose that's just me. I don't wait for liberals to catch up to their next principle.

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