Monday, 15 August 2022

I Learned a New Woke Word

I subscribe to BBC History on Kindle Unlimited. I enjoy the magazine, but like all the output of the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation (a/k/a the British Bashing Corporation), it is extremely 'woke', full of articles about how history needs to be 'updated' or rewritten to include women, minorities, and LGBTQXYZ+∞ people.

In one such article that I was reading last night, I learned a new 'woke' word. Well, it's actually an acronym. It is WEIRD=Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic. 

Unfortunately for me, however, whilst I am definitely Western and educated and since I live in an industrialised country I suppose I count as industrialised, I am definitely NOT rich and nor do I believe in the tool of Satan known as democracy. 

This leaves only WEI. So, it seems that I'm actually either WEi, a boy band from South Korea or, possibly, Wei Wei, a ChiCom writer who was known for themes of patriotismcommunism, and nationalism. I think I'd prefer the boy band!

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