30 August 2022

French Bishop Has Guts To Suspend Priest for Being a Mason

From 2013, a Bishop actually willing to defend the Faith against the machinations of the 'Synagogue of Satan' (not my words, but those of Bld Pius IX in his Encyclical Etsi Multa - On the Church in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.)

From Catholicism.org

By Brian Kelly 

Finally! Now, at last, we have one bishop, Yves Boivineau of Annecy (the same diocese as Saint Francis de Sales, when he was in exile from Geneva) who has taken action, under the pope’s prompting, against the conspiracy to destroy the Church from within. He has dutifully suspended Father Pascal Vesin, an open member of the Grand Orient of France. About forty years ago, the late Canadian Cardinal Edouarde Gagnon (+2007), Bishop of St. Paul, Alberta, was assigned by Pope Paul VI to investigate the infiltration of the Freemasons into the Vatican, but nothing ever came of it. Gagnon was head of the Pontifical Council for the Family from 1974-1990. His dossier on the conspiracy was buried. I don’t have time to fill in the details but a Google search for Gagnon and Freemasonry will provide the facts (or read Fr Charles Murr's recent book, Murder in the 33rd Degree, which gives all the details.-JW)

From CNA

CNA: Bishop Yves Boivineau of Annecy in southeastern France has barred a local priest from public ministry after he was exposed as an active Freemason.

Father Pascal Vesin, 43, was suspended for his active membership in a Masonic lodge of the Grand Orient of France. He became a member in 2001, five years after his 1996 ordination as a Catholic priest, the French newspaper Le Figaro reports.

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