28 November 2021

Save St Oswald's Memorial Church Broken Head: A Community Vision

Australia seems determined to destroy its own heritage. Please join me in signing this petition.

Save St Oswald's Memorial Church Broken Head started this petition

What we want to achieve:

St Oswald’s Memorial Church was built as a memorial to three Broken Head WW1 soldiers. This intention will be preserved if the church remains in community ownership. We appeal to the Anglican Diocese of Grafton to immediately withdraw from sale St Oswald’s Memorial Church in Broken Head.


The church sits on land gifted to the community by the family of local soldier Arthur Beaumont Goard who died in WW1. Construction of the church in 1922 was paid for by funds donated by Arthur's parents and money raised by the Broken Head community.

Local families donated the altar, lectern and font. The church was also a memorial to local fallen soldiers Frank Kimpton and Frederick Walter Flick. Throughout history, the local community has donated funds, time and labour for ongoing upkeep of the church. The church is listed as an official heritage item on the Byron Bay Local Environmental Plan of 2014.

Our vision:

Our vision is for the church to be held in trust, in perpetuity, for the benefit of the community. The church should remain available for ongoing religious and memorial services, and could be made available as a venue for affordable weddings and other events which contribute to the social fabric of our community.

What you can do:

Take 3 simple steps to save St Oswald’s Memorial Church. Sign, send and share!

1. Sign our change.org petition.
2. Email gsoffice@anglican.org.au requesting the church be withdrawn from sale and returned to the community.
3. Share our petition on social media, email and any other platforms.

Further information is available on Wikipedia and our Save St Oswald’s Facebook group.

Byron Shire Council motion receives unanimous support:

At the Byron Shire Council meeting on Thursday 25 November 2021, a motion received unanimous support that Council:
Acknowledges the heritage significance of the St Oswald's Memorial Church in Broken Head by reference to its identification in Byron Shire Council's Local Environmental Plan Heritage Schedule.
Writes to the Anglican Diocese of Grafton to inform them of the heritage significance and Council’s support for the community efforts to seek protection of this site as a community asset, including the RSL support for it to remain as a memorial to the three Broken Head soldiers who lost their lives in WW1.

Requests the Anglican Diocese of Grafton to place a restriction on the use of the land, for the purpose of preserving the church building on the site.

Investigates if there is information held by Council regarding the heritage significance, specifically the heritage inventory that was required for the LEP determination listing and make that available to the descendants and the local community.

Thank you for helping Save St Oswald’s

Kathryn Peart, on behalf of the Save St Oswald’s group.

Kathryn is the great grand-daughter of William and Selina Goard, who donated the land and commenced the building fund with a bequest of 50 pounds from their son Arthur, killed in WW1 at Ypres on 4 October 1917.

Save St Oswald’s is a group of Broken Head and Byron Bay community members, some of the St Oswald’s church community, St Oswald’s volunteers and donors, RSL members, and descendants of Arthur Beaumont Goard, Frank Kimpton and Frederick Walter Flick.

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