Monday, 19 July 2021

FB Comment on Prophets of Anti-West Ideology

This is a comment that was left on the post I shared on Saturday, The Prophets of Anti-West Ideology, about Gramsci and Foucault.


This one was well worth the read. It gives a good outline of what kind of movement and ideology there are behind this anti-Western ideology.

The explanation of Gramsci and his work were particularly good;
"According to Gramsci, so long as the bourgeoisie and its values of patriotism, family, and religion dominated the institutions of society, society would be inherently counterrevolutionary. Cultural hegemony was a complex byproduct of the union of businesses, churches, media, educational establishments, and law. These cultural institutions reinforced the values of the standing majority and passed them on to the next generation, thereby preserving their cultural power. The Marxist revolution failed because Marx never understood the importance of cultural consciousness or the role of institutions in maintaining cultural consciousness."
Note, also, that Gramsci's analysis was spot-on. He was exactly right about cultural consciousness and the key role that it plays.
The difference is just that this Western and Christian cultural consciousness is a good thing, rather than something that should be opposed.
"From Gramsci, 60s radicals coined the term “The long march through the institutions.” Those influenced by Gramsci recognized his profound revelation: If the institutions of society remained in the hands of the patriotic and culturally Christian bourgeoisie, the radical utopian revolution would never come to fruition. It was necessary, then, for the revolutionaries to infiltrate the institutions, subvert the old values, propagate new values, and usher in the new revolutionary consciousness which would be held together by radical control of all institutional forces."
...unfortunately, as the article also notes; the Long March through the Institutions is at this point a fait accompli. The radical students of the 60s and 70s became the tenured professors of the 80s and 90s. The Long March succeeded, and Anno Domini 2021 we are living in its aftermath.
"Heterodox Academy was founded in 2015 by Jonathan Haidt, Chris Martin, and Nicholas Rosenkranz, in reaction to their observations about the negative impact a lack of ideological diversity has had on the quality of research within their disciplines. What began as a website and a blog in September of 2015 — a venue for social researchers to talk about their work and the challenges facing their disciplines and institutions — soon grew into an international network of peers dedicated to advancing the values of constructive disagreement and viewpoint diversity as cornerstones of academic and intellectual life."
Note, also, that the average Heterodox Academy-affiliated scholar is also quite left-leaning himself. Even many overtly leftwing academics have begun to realize that they can no longer speak their mind, lest they face reprisals from students and colleagues alike. What I mean to say with this is, the ideological infiltration of the academic institutions was so successful that it was nothing less than a total takeover.
So how do we fight this?
Unfortunately, that's the one part where the article was weak. Calling for a return to faith, family and community is certainly a good thing, yes. And the article quite correctly pointed out that we cannot expect lenience or good faith from this enemy.
But remember what kind of stranglehold this hostile ideology has on the school system and the media. Maintaining faith, tradition and family is an excercise in pointlessness unless we can pass these things on to our children - and right now, the regular school system and the media are geared towards making sure that our children are taught the opposite.
Merely promoting our civilization's history or Christian or Catholic ideals won't be nearly enough. We will need to organize.

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