Sunday, 25 July 2021

Bishops! Have You Ever Seen the Pain?

The same question many Traditionalists have. Why are we being punished when the Bidens and Pelosis defy the Church with impunity?

From Fr Z's Blog

In the Wall Street Journal today…

Pope Francis, the Latin Mass and My Family
We are loyal children of the church on the receiving end of a harsh punishment.
By Matthew Walther


When Benedict issued “Summorum pontificum,” those attached to the old rite had been treated as pariahs for nearly 40 years. Since then it has become common for traditionally minded priests to be put in charge of vocations or diocesan marriage tribunals.

This explains why so many of us who have come of age during the “Summorum pontificum” era feel as if the sun has fallen from the sky. Dozens of people have told me that last Friday was the worst day of their lives. My wife was one of them.

My family and thousands like us are obedient sons and daughters of the church. We cheerfully make sacrifices for the faith, but now we are on the receiving end of a harsh punishment that would never be meted out to those who openly defy papal teaching on abortion, for instance. As liberal Catholics gloated, these words from St. John Henry Newman came to mind: “Why should an aggressive and insolent faction be allowed to make the hearts of the just to mourn whom the Lord hath not made sorrowful? Why can’t we be let alone when we have pursued peace and thought no evil?”


I want to know…

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