31 July 2020

A Matter Of Hearts

The contrast between Francis's message to a 'spirituality course' and Bishop Schneider's Crusade of Eucharistic Reparation is stark!

From Restore DC Catholicism

Last Friday a diocese in Argentina conducted a virtual "Community Spirituality Course".  Right away it sounds like a hoot. Anyway, Pope Francis sent a video message to them.  It was brief, very brief, uncharacteristically brief - and that was probably a good thing.  I quote, "I ask you to let your heart beat, nothing else."

Pardon my french, but what the hell does that mean??  Does it mean that the pope was simply too tapped out of bovine excretement to cough up something more verbose and convoluted?  I guess for that we should be grateful.  But why does any living person have to let their heart beat?  It will beat until the day we meet God in our particular judgments.  It also says absolutely nothing about Our Lord or the Faith, which actually says quite a bit about the derth of worth in that "spirituality course".

On the other hand, Bishop Athanasius Schneider has initiated an "International Crusade of Eucharistic Reparation", to atone for sins against the Blessed Sacrament.  Those kinds of sins have always abounded, but during this covid thing, bishops and priests have actually multiplied those outrages by mandating Holy Communion in the hand, denying the Sacraments to the faithful, etc.  One of his chief aims, and it should be ours', is to make reparation to His Sacred Heart that has been outraged by these sacrileges.  If there's any "heart" that should be at the center of our attention, it would be Jesus' Sacred Heart.  Please read that link for practical actions to participate in this crusade.

But turning our gaze again to Argentina, they are doing the exact opposite.  At least Bishop Eduardo Maria Taussig ordered Catholics in his largely conservative diocese to receive Holy Communion in the hand.  When priests and faculty at his diocesan seminary objected to the orders to commit sacrilege, he closed his own seminary.  The pope approved his actions.  Just what kind of "heart" does the pope think is beating in Argentina?

Again, seriously consider Bishop Schneider's crusade.

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