27 July 2020

Chinese Firewall in the Vatican?

As I said earlier, 'He who pays the piper calls the tune'. $2,000,000,000 per year bus a lot of tunes. The CCP must be destroyed!

From Townhall

By Elizabeth Yore

When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seeks to demolish Chinese Catholic churches, Vatican silence echoes. When the CCP goes on a crusade to destroy crucifixes and holy statues in systemic eradication of the faith, Vatican silence echoes. When the CCP prohibits Chinese children under the age of 18 from practicing religion, global human rights groups react, but Vatican silence echoes.

Francis, known as thePope of Mercy, continues his silence while the CCP rounds up Catholic clergy who refuse to join the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Church. When retired Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen warned the Holy See about the danger of the new draconian crackdown in Hong Kong, Papal silence echoed.

Despite unanimously condemning human rights violations in the Sino-Vatican September 2018 secret agreement, the Vatican refuses to disclose its terms or withdraw from the pact. In fact, as religious persecution reverberates, theVatican indicates it will renew the Sino-Vatican deal in September.

The silence became stentorian earlier this month. On July 5th, the Vatican press office released the text of the Pope’s Angelus address. The pre-released version included hope for implementing rights and freedoms in Hong Kong. Pope Francis planned to say the following:
“Recently, I have followed with particular attention and not without concern the development of the complex situation in Hong Kong, and I wish to show above all my heartfelt closeness to all the inhabitants of that territory. In the current context, the issues addressed are undoubtedly delicate and affect everyone’s life; therefore it is understandable that there is a marked sensitivity in this regard.

“I hope therefore that all the people involved will know how to face the various problems with a spirit of far-sighted wisdom and authentic dialogue. This requires courage, humility, non-violence, and respect for the dignity and rights of all.

“I thus express the desire that societal freedom, and especially religious freedom, be expressed in full and true liberty, as indeed various international documents provide for.”
Moments before the Pope’s delivered his address, however, the press was notified that the statement would end before the papal decree “I hope therefore . . . .”

What prompted this intriguing, revealing, and very alarming expurgation of papal support for Hong Kong religious freedom? Did the Vatican/CCP handler muzzle Pope Francis at the last minute? Has China successfully imposed a firewall in the Holy See ensuring that silence continues to echo over the systemic CCP violations of religious freedom? Has China bought the Holy See’s admiration, alliance and collaboration? Was there a lucrative donation to the Vatican for praising Communist China’s containment of the Covid-19 virus, for applauding China’s terrible organ trafficking program, or for commending the nation as“the best implementer of Catholic social justice doctrine”?

Follow the Money

According to exiled Chinese dissident Guo Wengui, the CCP has paid the Vatican 2 billion dollars a year since 2014.The fugitive tycoon whistleblower claims that the payment is to buy the Vatican’s silence over the human rights and religious abuses of the CCP.During an appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room Pandemic podcast, Guo also stated that the “CCP knows, if the Vatican tells the truth about Chinese Christians and Catholics, CCP willdie.”

The Vatican has yet to deny Guo’s allegations, so it appears that the CCP got its money’s worth. This alleged 2 billion dollars could explain the pandering by the Holy See of China. The apparent Communist donation could explicate the preposterously destructive and covert agreement between the Communists and the Holy See. This sizable hush money could enhance the virtual China firewall ensuring the Vatican’s silence about the CCP atrocities.Will there be a sizable signing bonus with the upcoming renewal of the calamitous 2018 Sino-Vatican agreement?

Communist Chinese handwriting is scrawled all over the ancient 37-foot Vatican wall. As for the other wall, the CCP firewall, it appears to be fully operational in the Vatican, as it successfully monitors incoming and outgoing statements of its close ally, Pope Francis.

Elizabeth Yore is an international child protection attorney investigating the Vatican and China. Her website is Yorechildren.com.

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