31 July 2020

The Douai Catechism, 1649 - CHAPTER XIV. The Twelve Fruits of the Holy Ghost Expounded.

The Twelve Fruits of the Holy Ghost Expounded.
Q. HOW many are the fruits of the Holy Ghost?
    A. There are twelve, as you may see, Gal. v. 22, 23.
Q. What is the first?
    A. Charity, whose nature and effects you know already.
Q. What is the second?
    A. Joy, by which we are enabled to serve God with cheerful hearts.
Q. What is the third?
    A. Peace, which keeps us unmoved in our minds amidst the storms and tempests of the world.
Q. What is the fourth?
    A. Patience, which enables us to suffer all adversities for the love of God.
Q. What is the fifth?
    A. Longanimity, which is an untired confidence of mind, in expecting the good things of the life to come.
Q. What is the sixth?
    A. Goodness, which makes us hurt no man, and be good to all.
Q. What is the seventh?
    A. Benignity, which causeth an affable sweetness in our manners and conversation.
Q. What is the eighth?
    A. Mildness, which allays in us all the [e]motions of passion and anger.
Q. What is the ninth?
    A. Fidelity, which makes us punctual observers of our covenants and promises.
Q. What is the tenth?
    A. Modesty, which observes a becoming deportment in all our outward actions.
Q. What is the eleventh?
    A. Continency, which makes us not only abstemious in meat and drink, but in all other sensible delights.
Q. What is the twelfth?
    A. Chastity, which keeps a pure soul in a pure body.
Q. Who are they that have these fruits?
    A. The children of God only; for "whosoever are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God." Rom. viii. 14.

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