26 November 2018

27 November, The Roman Martyrology

Quinto Kaléndas Decémbris Luna undevicesima Anno 2018 Domini

On the morrow we keep the Feast of the holy Confessor Gregory, Archbishop of Neo-Caesarea, in Pontus, who was famous for teaching and holiness, and who came to be called the Wonder-worker, on account of the great signs and wonders which he worked to the great glory of the churches. Mention hath been made of him upon the 17th day of this present month of November. 
November 27th anno Domini 2018 The 19th Day of the Moon were born into the better life: 

At Antioch, the holy martyrs Basileus, Patriarch (of that see,) Auxilius, and Saturninus. 
In Persia, the holy martyr James, styled the Dismembered, a famous martyr. In the time of the Emperor Theodosius the younger, to please King Yazdegerd, he denied Christ, wherefore his mother and his wife held aloof from him. Then he bethought himself, and went to the King and confessed Christ, and the King in wrath commanded him to be cut limb from limb, and his head to be cut off. At that time countless other martyrs suffered there also. 
At Sebaste, in Armenia, the holy martyrs Hirenarchus, the Priest Acacius, and seven women it was the constancy of these women which moved Hirenarchus to turn to Christ, and he was beheaded along with Acacius, under Diocletian the Emperor and Maximus the President. 
At the river Cea, in Galicia, the holy martyrs Facundus and Primitivus, who suffered under the President Atticus. 
At Aquileia, (in the fourth century,) holy Valerian, Bishop (of that see.) 
At Riez, in Gaul, (in the fifth century,) the holy Confessor Maximus, Bishop of that see, famous for signs and wonders. From his childhood he was endued with every grace, and was father of the monastery of Lerins, and afterward Bishop of the church of Riez. 
At Salzburg, (in the eighth century,) the holy Confessor Farrell, an Irishman, Bishop (of that see,) and Apostle of Carinthia, whose name the Supreme Pontiff Gregory IX enrolled among those of the Saints. 
In India, toward the borders of Persia, holy Barlaam and Josaphat, whose wonderful acts were written by holy John of Damascus. 
At Paris, (in the sixth century,) deceased the holy Monk and Solitary Severinus. 
V. And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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