27 November 2018

Cardinal Müller Calls Insults Received From German Pro-Gay Jesuit “Infamous”

I guess my question is, 'Are there any Catholics left in the Jesuit Order in Germany?' I know there are a very few left in other countries, but the Order in Germany looks like it has completely abandoned Catholicism. 

From Gloria.tv

Cardinal Gerhard Müller has qualified insults he received from the German Jesuit Klaus Mertes as “infamous” and accused Mertes of “senseless anger” (Pnp.de, November 26).

Mertes is a notorious gay-propagandist. He called Müller’s recent, well documented statement that clerical abuses are rooted in homosexuality, "abysmally wrong" and "incredibly brazen" (Katholisch.de, November 23).

The cardinal added that Mertes ignores the biblical teaching on homosexual acts,

"As impossible as it is to turn a typewriter into a piano, is the possibility for Mertes to turn the word of God into its opposite".

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