29 November 2018

Wherein Fr. Z Offers a Cautionary Tale to Those Who Struggle With Liturgical Conundra.

Fr Zed has some good advice for those who might think of writing to the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei with questions about liturgical practice in the TLM. As he says, the PCED are not the only people in Rome!

From Fr Z's Blog

The site of the CMAA, Musica Sacra Forum, published response to the 29 – yes, twenty-nine – dubia submitted to the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei”.
The questioner is a Polish priest, I assume young, working on a doctorate.
Folks, I get it.  I get that some people want official clarity and black and white rules about some things.  However, I have this to say to those who perhaps are less inclined to handle fluidity according to the genius of the Roman Rite.
The young can be reckless because, not having scars and mended bones, they don’t yet get it.
Right now… right now… it is ill-advised, imprudent, not to say playing with fire to submit any sort of question about traditional liturgical matters to the Holy See… unless… unless… you are darn sure of the answer in advance.
AND… learn how to ask questions!
It is not that I distrust the collaborators of the Pontifical Commission.  On the contrary, I hold them in esteem.  But, they are not the only people in Rome.
It is better right now to leave sleeping dogs lie.   To put it another way, it’s reckless… right now… to ask.
The answers are a mixed bag.  Some good.  Some less good.  But, I hope you all get my drift.

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