31 October 2018

Word of the Day: Diocese

DIOCESE. The territory over which a bishop exercises ecclesiastical jurisdiction. The Pope alone, ultimately, erects dioceses, changes their limits, divides, unites, or suppresses them. (Etym. Greek dioikesis, administration, administrative division.)
Dioceses range in size from tiny to very large. For instance, the Church in Italy (area 116,350 sq mi) has 227 for an average size of 513 sq. mi., whilst the Church in Canada  (area 3,855,100 sq mi) has only 72, with an average size of 53,549 sq. mi. The extreme is probably Russia, which has an area of 6,601,670 sq. mi. with only four Dioceses, giving an average area of 1650417 sq. mi. per Diocese!

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