27 October 2018

VaticanNews Styles Pope as “Successor of Christ”

I guess Francis has been promoted. No more 'Vicar of Christ' or 'Successor of Peter'. Nope, straight 'Successor of Christ' now.

From The Eponymous Flower

VaticanNews slightly confused: Is Pope Francis the successor of Peter and the representative of Christ on earth or even the "successor of Christ"? 

(Rome) The Vatican's news portal, active since December 2017, VaticanNews, has repeatedly described Pope Francis as the "successor of Christ".

 VaticanNews spokespersons can make a “Freudian" slip. Is such a lapse underlying that which VaticanNews has repeatedly undermined?

The fact is that Vatican News, the Holy See's news agency, falsely referred to Pope Francis not as the successor to Peter or vicar of Christ on earth, but as the "successor of Christ," a name previously unknown to the Church and theologically meaning hyperpapism.

The article published on Tuesday about the papal celebrations in the coming three months of November-January ended in its first version with the note:
"[...] on Sunday, January 13, on the Feast of the Nativity of the Lord, the successor of Christ will celebrate Holy Mass and the baptism for children in the Sistine Chapel at 9:30."
After some Catholic media were amazed at the titulation, the passage in "Successor of Peter (see Lumen Gentium, 23)" was corrected.

However, this was not the first incident of its kind. Last August 29, VaticanNews published an article about Pope Francis' journey to Ireland. The headline read: "Catechesis of the Pope: The families, joy for the world, radiate the love of Christ". It read:
"In the Procathedral of Dublin, the successor of Christ declared ..."
And most recently on October 14, Vatican News wrote in the article "Pope: 'God, we can not give a percentage of love to God, either all or nothing':
"This person spoke in the terms of supply and demand, specified the successor of Christ ..."
The article dealt with the canonizations of that day, including Pope Paul VI.

Anyone who sees it favorably might assume that some of VaticanNews' staff members were not paying close attention or being taught badly in catechism lessons. Anyone who considers it with less benevolence could see in it a form of papolatry. After all, the self-imposed mission of VaticanNews is, as it was plastered in Rome on a large scale:

 "We bring Francis into the world".

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Twitter (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com

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