31 October 2018

My Thoughts on Paragraph 146 - The Index Websitorum Prohibitorum

I find it ironic that many Trads have called for the rehabilitation of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum. It looks like they might get it in a new form. I have always argued against it, given the state of The Church today.

Here it is:
146.  The Synod hopes that in the Church Offices and organisms for digital culture and evangelization are established at appropriate levels, which, with the indispensable contribution of young people, promote ecclesial action and reflection in that environment.  Among their functions, apart from promoting the exchange and diffusion of good practices at the personal and the communal level, and to develop adequate tools for digital education and evangelization, they could also manage systems of certification of Catholic sites, to counteract the spread of fake news about the Church, or to seek ways to persuade public authorities to promote ever more stringent political positions and tools for the protection of minors on the web.
Every Traditional Catholic with a presence on the internet, whether it is an individual lay blogger like Vox Cantoris or myself, a clerical blogger like Fr Z, or Fr Hunwicke, an episcopal blogger like His Excellency René Henry Gracida, a major site like One Peter Five, LifeSiteNews, or any of dozens of others, needs to be concerned.

However, the very proposal shows the utter stupidity of the bureaucracy. Have they considered what is involved? Will they grant an imprimatur to a site and then monitor it 24/7 to make sure nothing against their diktats is posted? Will they demand review of every article posted? Do they have any idea how easy it is to edit an online posting?

And have they even considered the obvious fact that sites like mine, and I'm sure many others, would wear it as a badge of honour that we were listed in their 'Index'? I can imagine Faithful Catholics seeking out sites so honoured, knowing that they will get Catholicism and the unvarnished truth, instead of heresy and lies from the 'approved' sites.

I hope that cooler heads will prevail and it will be explained to Francis and his lickspittle toadies just how abysmally stupid their idea is! If they do implement it, I think I'll design a logo for those of us honoured by their condemnation. Something along the lines of the old 'League of Evil Traditionalists' of which I was a proud member.

Maybe I'll add some sort of 'Bad Catholic' badge like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

What do you think, Readers?

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