27 October 2018

The Logic (?) of a Papolator

A comment made on Facebook on my post, Pope Francis, Remove Pro-Gay Fr. Martin as Advisor to Vatican, and my reply.

The comment:

It is a good thing that the Pope fired his ass. We should never accept any person who is homosexual. Any person that has been found to have had a sexual relationship with someone should be charged, and sent to prison for life. It is amusing how some individuals hate the Pope. Yet this man has lived a life very similar to Pope Paul 2 and since being chosen as Pope has in fact conducted a miracle. God chose this man to be the Pope. Thus far he has done a excellent job despite people like you who have turned their back on the Church.

My reply:

Turned my back on the Church? I go to confession weekly, I haven't missed a Sunday Mass or a Holy Day of obligation in years, and if you believe Francis has done an excellent job, protecting and promoting homosexuals like McCarrick, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you. And, BTW, you missed the point of the post. Francis has NOT fired him. Indeed, he is an advisor to the Vatican and spoke at the World Meeting of Families at Francis's personal invitation. Wanna talk about that bridge I have?

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