27 October 2018

Why Is Anglicanism so Gloriously Ephemeral? Some Pertinent Questions.

The Estates Commissioner of the CofE has little grasp of the English language, despite being born in Scotland. Father H wittily takes her to task!

From Fr Hunwicke's Mutual Enrichment

The Estates Commissioner whose responsibility it is to look after the Cathedrals of the Church of England, a Dr Eve Poole, has explained that people like to go to Anglican Cathedrals because they "are drawn to their ephemeral music and liturgy".

I think I have read somewhere that mayflies share this extremely brief life-span.

I very much wish that the Novus Ordo liturgical culture found in the English Catholic 'mainstream' could become as ephemeral as that in Anglican cathedrals.

What is it that the Anglicans, dear ephemeral poppets, have got which we lack? Could they give us some hints? I'm sure many members of the CBCEW would value advice on the ephemeralisation, not only of their cathedrals, but of their entire dioceses.

Would it be philologically improper to pray that the remainder of this pontificate may be "literally ephemeral"?

I wonder what La Poole's doctorate is in.

Probably not Greek.

Footnotes: (1) I believe it was in the 1970s that the Church Commissioners mislaid £700,000,000 or so, which in those days was real (if, clearly, somewhat ephemeral) money.
(2) Wikipedia reveals that Eve has skills honed in the Redundant Churches business.

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