30 October 2018

I Wants to Make Your Flesh Creep

Round 3 of the World Cup of Bad Hymns is upon us! The Round of 16! The competition is heating up! Get your votes in!

From Eccles is Saved

Sixteen wonderfully appalling works remain for Round 3 of the World Cup of Bad Hymns. Some surprises to me, at least, in that we have lost God's Spirit is in my heart, Bind us together, Lord, Walk in the Light, and Go, The Mass is ended, but this just shows the quality of the works remaining. Here is the grouping - the top two in each of the four groups will reach the last eight - the quarter final knock-out stage!
TitleAuthor    Round 3
Kumbayahanon    3
Christ be our lightBernadette Farrell    4
I, the Lord of sea and skyDaniel Schutte    1
Come to the Table of PlentyDaniel Schutte    2
Sing a New ChurchDelores Dufner    3
Shine, Jesus, shineGraham Kendrick    1
This little light of mineHarry Dixon Loes    2
One bread, one bodyJohn Foley    2
Gloria (clap clap)Martin Anderson    4
Gather us inMarty Haugen    1
The world is full of smelly feetMichael Forster    2
On eagle's wingsMichael Joncas    4
Alleluia Ch-ChPaul Inwood    3
They'll Know We Are Christians By Our LovePeter Scholtes    4
Lord of the DanceSidney Carter    3
I am the Bread of LifeSuzanne Toolan    1
Need I say more?
Get ready to Schutte for goal!

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