28 December 2017

Her Majesty's Christmas Message

I just got round to watching it. It brought tears to my eyes as she mentioned that young woman 60 years ago. Her reference to 'platinum anniversary' not being invented when she was born because people weren't expected to live long enough to be married 70 years was poignant. I was born just a few months before she and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh were married. My first memory outside my family is of 6 February 1952 when we heard that the King was dead and she was now Queen. She is the only Monarch I have known.

One of the proudest moments of my life was when I swore the (Canadian) Oath of Allegiance to her before a Commisioner of Oaths on 19 October 2007, ranking with my wedding day and the births of my children, And I told her so in my letter congratulating her on her 70th wedding anniversary. May God grant her many more years!


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  1. What a grand lady, elegance personified, but also warm and friendly. I liked her speech, she acknowledged attacks and disasters that have touched the people's lives, but it was a positive message too. I love that she also acknowledged Christ.
    Great Britain, in the sense of the Great Britain we all think of, is on a path to be forever changed. I am very curious to know what someone like the Queen thinks of that.
    As an American, I think it's ok for me to say as well, God save the Queen! And God bless both she and the kindly gentleman, Prince Philip.


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