15 December 2017

To My Reader Who Found Me via 'Search Encrypt''

I strongly suggest you uninstall it after reading this article, tho' it won't be easy! They like the data they're gathering and selling to cybercriminals!

How to remove searchencrypt.com

What is searchencrypt.com?
searchencrypt.com is presented as an Internet search engine that generates improved search results, thereby enhancing the browsing experience. Judging on appearance alone, this site barely differs from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other reputable search engines. Therefore, many users believe that searchencrypt.com is also legitimate and useful. In fact, this website is promoted via rogue downloaders/installers that modify browser settings without consent. In addition, searchencrypt.com continually monitors web browsing activity by recording various user-system information.Rogue set-ups hijack Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, stealthily assigning the new tab URL, default search engine, and homepage options to searchencrypt.com. Set-ups stealthily install a number of third party applications and/or browser plug-ins (so-called "helper objects") to automatically reassign browser settings when attempts are made to change them. Therefore, returning browsers to their previous states becomes impossible and users are forced to visit searchencrypt.com when they open a new browser tab or search via the URL bar. This significantly diminishes the web browsing experience. Furthermore, helper objects (and searchencrypt.com) continually record various user-system information that might be personally identifiable including Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, URLs visited, search queries, etc. This collected data is later shared with third parties (potentially, cyber criminals) who misuse private information to generate revenue. Therefore, data tracking can result in serious privacy issues. If you encounter unwanted redirects to searchencrypt.com, remove all suspicious applications and browser plug-ins.

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