27 December 2017

New Computers!

May God richly reward my Cuter and Shorter Half! My Kindle died a few weeks ago, leaving me with only my laptop and my smart phone. Then, as I posted a couple of days ago, my laptop bit the dust. I can blog on my phone, but it is quite difficult, so I posted a warning that posts might be few and far between.

Yesterday she expressed concern that a package she was expecting had not arrived. She said she had paid for expedited shipping, and let slip that she had done so because she does not have Amazon Prime. This lit a light bulb above my head, because I do have Prime. The only reason that she would pay for expedited shipping from Amazon is if it was something she didn't want me to know of!

So her package arrived today. After supper, she opened it and handed me a brand new Kindle Fire HD 8 (7th Generation)! As I was thanking her for that, she handed me a larger box, which was plainly labeled as containing an Acer laptop computer.

So now, thanks to her generosity, I have a computer and a Kindle, both of which are easier to blog on than my phone.

Be warned! The Old Curmudgeon is back!

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