23 December 2017

Why Am I Posting So Many News Articles, and So Little Original Writing?

Well, there are a couple of reasons. As my readership grows, I'm posting news articles that I consider of vital importance to Catholics of Faith, as Mr Buck refers to people who actually believe and try to practice the Faith in his Cor Jesu Sacratissimum. I know that not everyone is retired, with the time to surf the 'Catholic net' in search of this sort of article.

But, the biggest reason is that I have nine, count 'em, nine! reasonably long, substantive posts in draft stage, including two book reviews, three 'autobiographical' posts fulfilling a promise to a friend who wondered how I got to my current beliefs, one on  my views of the protestant deformation and its effects, and one on being a Crunchy Con.

I'm almost finished with Roger Buck's second book, which I mentioned above, so I can finish that review in a day or so. I just received a review copy of George Tautkus' Lives of the Saints (and people who lived saintly lives), but that shouldn't take long to read, since it is a comic book. One or two of the autobiographical posts are nearing completion, but I'm suffering writers block on a couple of the other posts.

At any rate, as soon as the holidays are over, I hope to start producing again, and post at least one original post every day.

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