10 August 2022

Wherein Fr. Z Rants and Recommends a Must Read Entry at NLM

Fr Zed has some thoughts on Dr Kwasniewski's essay in New Liturgical Movement on the duplicity used in translating the Roman Canon.

From Fr Z's Blog

The Council Fathers of Vatican II voted overwhelmingly to approve some few mandates that would result in a reform of the Roman Rite.

A body was assembled to implement that reform.  It was operated by radical ideologues who had their own ideas about what worship ought to be.  Guided by ideology and personal animus (in the case of Bugnini and the Congregation for Rites) Paul VI was manipulated, on the one hand, and the Consilium lied to, on the other, and sweeping changes were made to the Roman Rite that the Council Fathers never dreamed of, excepting the modernists from mainly northern Europe.

Peter Kwasniewski has a piece at NLM that is absolutely devastating regarding any claim that the Council and Council Fathers wanted an all vernacular (English) Mass.  Devastating.   He mounts up evidence that the expectation of the Council Fathers was that the Roman Canon, for example, remain in Latin.

The Council Fathers had mandated that Latin remain the language of worship, but that space could be given to the vernacular.   They mandated that no changes be made that weren’t organically consistent with the previous form.  They required that no changes by made that weren’t truly for the good of the people.

In each case, the expectations of the Council Fathers were thwarted.  Under the obscuring umbrella excuse of “the Council”, what we got what not what was voted on.   Latin was abandoned under false pretexts.  Massive changes that had nothing to do with the previous forms, total innovations, were interpolated and important, theologically founded elements were removed.  Entire Eucharistic Prayers that virtually no one even imagined about much less wanted were cobbled together and pasted in.

So much of this was accepted out of, it is possible to argue, a damaged sense of obedience.

Take a look at Peter’s entry at NLM and be amazed.  He did a huge amount of work.

Most of you are not going to read thoroughly everything Peter posts as his evidence that the Council Fathers expected that the Roman Canon be preserved in Latin.  It is overwhelming.  Just seeing it all laid out should clinch it.

We’ve been lied to for decades, to the unfathomable damage to our Catholic identity, the Church’s standing in the world, internal breakdowns and loss of moral capital like no other time in history.

Change how we pray and, over time, our beliefs change too.

Liturgy is Doctrine.

We are our Rites.

Save the liturgy.  Save the world.

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