29 May 2021

The Popes and Democracy - Part IV. The Master Plan of the Devil 39. An Unholy Trinity

After this, Human Messianism combined with Liberalism to set up CAPITALISM, an economic system based on greed and usury, which paves the way for communism. Rationalism and Liberalism combined to give birth to the principle of popular sovereignty - (being free and reasonable, every human being was to make all decisions). Rationalism and Human Messianism combined to give birth to scientism (or the cult of Technology, the worship of the work of man i.e. technolatry whereby we expect salvation from better and higher production, an error which was observed by Pius XII in his 1952 Christmas message. We speak of "Progress" in terms of industrialisation, completely unaware of "the undeniable advantages of an economy based chiefly on agriculture". (Pius XII)

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